Growing your business includes ongoing daily encounters, Needless to say we need to adapt much faster than a decade ago...

The outcome of these transactions can play a major role in your future. To a large measure then, the degree of your success can depend on your skills as a negotiator. This session will explain techniques you can employ in all transactions as you grow the business and ultimately when you sell the business.

Before you can sell anything to anyone, you must first understand what it is they need. Here are some ways to do that:

Do your homework

Prior to your meeting with the customer, do your homework to find out as much as you can about his business. Read relevant trade journals, do a periodicals search for articles about his product or industry at the library, read the Wall Street Journal. Find out who your customer's competitors are, what changes are coming in his business and what his chief concerns are likely to be. But always keep in mind that you will gain the most valuable information and insight into your customer's business concerns by talking directly with him.

Networking is the art of making and utilizing contacts. The goal of networking is to create a pool of people and information that can directly increase the quality of your product or service, decrease customer attrition, and, most importantly, leave your competition wondering how you won a job they never knew was available.

Many small business owners don't want to network because they think its about shoving your business card in someone's hand and boasting about what you do. In fact, networking is actually about getting to know people whom you can help and who can help you.

You need to get the word out about your company and get your product into the hands of consumers, which is called marketing. Marketing fits into four basic options, called marketing or distribution channels. A marketing channel is a set of practices or activities and all parties necessary to get goods from the producer to the consumer. The marketing channel(s) you chose will, among other influences, link your product to buyers, influence your pricing strategy, and affect your branding.

This tool intends to walk you through all the issues you should consider in view of starting a new business. You may adapt it to reflect your business needs, type of clientele, products and services you offer.