Information Technology

Cyprus Information Security Services is an area Egroup Services enjoys Five star compliance. For your information please read the following article:

Attackers come from many angles, they could be someone who wanders in the building, or a disgruntled employee, or a compromised employee. As an IT department we are constantly working to increase and maintain security on our network in order to protect our valuable data. We secure the perimeter and make sure valuable data is restricted. We also spend a lot of time checking for different attack vectors and patching them when possible. This process is ongoing and takes a considerable amount of effort. Recently we had many Information Security incidents in Cyprus from Turkish hackers.

One of the best ways to leverage intellectual capital is through a Data Warehouse. Intellectual Capital refers to the intangible stuff that creates value for a company, ranging from intuitive thinkers in the workplace to having great strategic partners within the value chain. Intellectual Capital is the main ingredient behind Market Value Added which is the additional value created over time above what was originally invested into the business. Therefore, it is imperative to find ways of expanding and leveraging intellectual capital. One way of doing this is to implement a Data Warehouse.

The use of benchmarking can provide an objective way of measuring performance against the competition. Benchmarking is based on finding a comparable activity and determining how well you are doing. Comparisons can be both internal and external; i.e. you can compare performance between similar departments or divisions as well as compare internal to external benchmarks.

The Balanced Scorecard implies a performance measurement system. However, as Kaplan & Norton have pointed out, the Balanced Scorecard is a management system, not a performance measurement system. The reason is due to the fact that the Scorecard deals with strategies, the real source of increased values for an organization. The problem is that most organizations fail to successfully implement their strategies.