Benefits to Businesses

Cyprus Best Companies (CBC) is an affordable Direct Marketing Program to support local business in attracting and retaining local customers. This will inject more money into your local community.

Benefits to Businesses & Organisations

CBC incorporates access to professional tools to assist every CBC Business in attracting and retaining business.  Additionally, CBC Businesses also have access to professional advice and services for their business.
There are multiple proactive businesses already utilising the CBC Program.

What’s in it for my business?

  1. Direct incentivised Marketing across your local region to 1000's of local employed CBC consumer members
    As a CBC Business you have the opportunity to promote your business and market products/services directly to CBC Members through social media, our App and a page on the CBC website.

  2. Direct free quoting opportunities to all consumers
    CBC will also be promoted to the General Public as a place to support local businesses - CBC will market to and attract online consumers as well as walk-in traffic in addition to the CBC Members. In addition to this, the CBC Loyalty Cards will be available for retail sale to people whose employer does not opt into CBC once the full program is in place. You will be able to quote to all consumers who access the website and App looking for your services. This will also apply to the Connekt App when this is brought on line.

  3. Online promotion of your business within the CBC Program
    Each CBC Business will have a dedicated page on the CBC Website where you promote your products/services and provide incentives/discounts to the CBC Members. The CBC Program will be located within the Connekt Program (Web and App). This will put CBC and you in the same environment as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, eBay etc.

  4. One-stop App and website for 1000's of local CBC Members to search
    All CBC Loyalty Cardholders will go to one website/App to search for products, services and businesses with the associated incentives/discounts applicable to the CBC Loyalty Card.

  5. You can change regularly what incentives/discounts you are promoting to 1000's of local consumers
    On your dedicated page on the website, you can regularly change the incentives and discounts to suit your business. This may be weekly, monthly or seasonal changes or changes based on your marketing approach. You will have a user name and password to access your page on the website. You can update this as often as you wish.  In this way, you are in control of your advertising and marketing at all times and you are not locked into expensive cost changes when the market shifts quickly. In addition to your incentives/discounts you can also promote your upcoming events.

  6. Tailor Marketing Campaigns
    You can tailor your marketing campaigns to suit your business needs. You may offer any number of incentives/discounts, to attract new customers in line with current business bookings, seasonal conditions or other market forces that affect your business. You can manage your company image through your 'page' and the incentives/discounts you are promoting.

  7. Tailor your Business Profile
    You can tailor your Business Profile appearance with the 'Business and Campaign Builder'. You can create 'the look' you are wanting to portray and design the campaigns to suit your business needs.

  8. CBC is a cost effective way to promote/advertise to local consumers, incentivised to come directly to you
    In comparison to other channels of promotion:
    • Once only Newspaper Advert in a typical local paper on a Saturday 6cm x 18cm = $820
    • Radio Commercials - 11 x 30 sec commercials with production cost = $500
    • TV Commercials – 30 x 15 sec commercials with production cost = $1,300
    • Trade Show Stand – 3m x 3m space = $830 then you have to set it up and man it for duration of show.
    • Letterbox Drop of 10,000 Leaflets – Production, Printing and delivery = $770
    • Yellow Pages Advert – Sensis digital = $1,044

    With all of the marketing channels listed above the timeframe is defined and limited or it is a once only option. There is no direct market approach or appeal to an exclusive market looking to use your service.  Whereas the CBC Program provides direct contact where your customers are being directly incentivised.

  9. CBC Loyalty Cards for you and your staff
    You and your staff will receive CBC Loyalty Cards. Once distributed, the cards will provide instant access to all businesses with discounts on the CBC website and App.  Using the card will accumulate points for the cardholder.

  10. You and your staff receive discounts from other CBC Business Members
    In joining CBC, you and your staff become CBC cardholder consumers. This provides you with numerous CBC Member benefits and allows you to access all promotions, incentives and discounts offered by 1000's of other CBC Businesses within your local area.

  11. CBC Promotional sticker to display that you are supporting local businesses, staff from these businesses and the community as a whole
    The CBC Promotional display sticker will instantly make your business recognisable as a CBC Business Member, helping to increase foot traffic of CBC Members when shopping or walking in your local area.

  12. Growth opportunities for your business
    Through the CBC Loyalty Card, App and website, you have access to network with all other businesses involved in CBC.  This provides you the opportunity to deal directly with similar or complementary businesses to help improve both your business and that of other CBC Businesses in the region.

  13. Opportunity to participate in the Connekt Rewards Program
    All CBC Businesses will have the opportunity to provide products or services for the Connekt Rewards Program.  This provides the opportunity to capture new clients from all regions that may not necessarily visit your business on a regular basis.

  14. Access to Employsure Workplace Relations and HR advice line*
    As a business associated with CBC, your unique number will give you access to a dedicated line to call and speak with Employsure regarding WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) and Fair Work matters. Upon joining, simply select this option within the CBC Application and Employsure will contact you with an introductory call.
    Visit the Employsure website for more information.

  15. Employee Benefits Program*
    For both you and your employees, you will have access to the '25 Point Employee Benefits Program' packed with additional benefits. Simply select this option within the CBC Application and we will contact you to get this organised.

  16. Salary Packaging Program*
    For your employees, Salary Packaging can be readily available providing additional benefits such as; 44.5% discounted fuel and all other motor vehicle expenses – with no cost to the Business. Simply select this option within the CBC Application and we will contact you to get this organised.

  17. Ability to access Group Insurance*
    As a business owner and member of CBC, you will be able to access and compare Group Insurance. This could save you money that you can put back into your business. Simply select this option within the CBC Application and we will contact you to get this organised

  18. Access to Corporate Superannuation*
    As a business owner and member of CBC, you will be able to access and compare Corporate Superannuation saving you time in processing payments.  In addition to this, you will be able to provide the same type of benefits to your staff that government organisations provide. Simply select this option within the CBC Application and we will contact you to get this organised.

  19. Benefits your local Community
    With you and your staff shopping locally more often; you keep the local economy improving and enhance the prospects of increased jobs in your local region.

These services form part of the Referral Partner Program where a referral is provided to the appropriate organisation.

Where can my staff use their CBC Loyalty Card?

They simply present their CBC Loyalty Card at any participating CBC Business to redeem the current Offer.

Where can my staff find incentives/discounts?

They can find current incentives/discounts from CBC Businesses here or on the CBC App (which you can download from the Google Play or Apple Store).