Peter's Gallery

Peter's Gallery

31 Ioanni Polemi street, 3085 31, Limassol 3085

Tel: 25384804 Fax: 22768699
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Thirty eight years ago we decided to share our love for art with the wider audience, and provide the satisfying experience of creation, as well as the aesthetic pleasure fine art has to offer. We founded Peter's Gallery in Limassol in 1973. A very important art space for Cyprus due to its the geographic location of Limassol highlights it at the crossroads between Nicosia, Larnaca and Paphos but most importantly the existence of an outstanding art space, in every aspect, has allowed us to best serve the needs of the art loving audience for decades. This art space is unlike any other in the entire Middle East, and was built with the knowledge and love for the ideal presentation and display of artistic creations. For over 30 years, this art space has been honoured, primarily by artists, admirers of art, as well as political figures and distinguished individuals of the public life of our country. Our spacious areas are divided into four levels covering an area of 600m² and are fully equipped with all modern facilities to fulfil the requirements for the implementation of any type of art event. Peter’s Gallery has been fortunate enough to exhibit works by a large number of important artists from all over the world: Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Uni

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