Cyprus & Ecommerce

Methods on how to boost sales on the Internet:

1. Site Flow - The clients need to be able to purchase goods and services online with ease of access and utmost efficiency. This can be done by making sure that the site offers as minimal and only important information to the client.

The site should be in arranged in an orderly manner such that there is a clear understanding of the process of purchasing and it is done efficiently with ease. This will entice and increase the number of customers and therefore boost sales.

2. Pricing Strategy - The final amount of the purchased items should be shown to the online users before purchasing or ordering them. This enlightens them on how much they are spending and thus makes it easier for them to stick to their budget.

3. Product Pages - The most important requirement that your product pages should have is excellent photos with detailed specifications. The clients should also be able to add items to the shopping cart by just pressing a button. You should ensure this by making sure the 'Add to Cart' button is always accessible.

4. Shopping Cart - Most clients use the shopping cart to check the items they have selected before they purchase them. You should facilitate this task by ensuring that images for the identified items appear together with detailed information about it. The customers should also be able to change the items in the cart or continue shopping after reviewing the cart. If they choose to continue shopping, it should automatically return them to the previous page they had been shopping.

5. Customer Login - As we all know, some customers seem to forget their passwords every now and then. This can be sorted out by permitting them recover the forgotten password and also to make the 'remember me' option available so that they can login with ease.

6. Account Sign-up - Allow customers to sign up using their e-mail addresses as this is easy to recall.

7. Checkout: Shipping - The customers should be made aware of all the expenses involved in shipping the items and duration it would take before they give out the payment details.

8. Checkout: Billing - To avoid customers giving their details twice, the details given should be saved in the site for future purchasing of items. NOT the credit card details though.

9. Order Review - The details on the page should be in an orderly manner.

10. Purchase Confirmation - After selecting the items to be purchased in the site, the last page should contain a brief report that the purchase is through together with a stipulated time as to when the customer will receive the items. This will build their confidence in the site and thus help to boost sales… Speak to us, we are here to help…

Christos Pashiardis
CEO – Internet consultant