Online Advertising…The new era

Marketing companies in Cyprus, had to adapt to the new technological era with millions of users on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter along with innumerable advertising sites. Promoting and advertising your brand has taken a whole new shape. In one of my presentations I highlighted the time spend on each media by users based on Eurostat information and the numbers are very interesting… there is a big shift from the dying newspaper advertisement towards on line advertisement. The point is where to advertise in Cyprus? At we managed to drive traffic into our customers via targeted well planned strategy. Already over2.100 companies are listed/advertised.

Generating Business

Let's read an example to know how online advertising helps in generation of real business and profit. Imagine that you run a business and have showrooms across the city and also sell your products online. But, you still have not been able to generate maximum profit when compared with your competitors (who are there online) in spite of following traditional marketing methods for years.

Well, what next? Shoot at anything that moves? Nope, I trust a very well planned e-marketing campaign should be implemented towards your business objectives. Here is the time that a focused experienced consultant can help further. We have success scenarios in the market segments we have included in CBC.


Christos Pashiardis

CEO – Egroup Services