YouTube and Its Role

So, soon we will be faced with a question… is it YouTube advertisement or local TV advertisement? In today's world, many business owners are using television and radio for the sole purpose of advertisement while a lot of smart people are doing it through YouTube which is visited by millions of people daily. In order to gain an edge over the smart people you can buy YouTube views, subscribers, likes and favorites etc… Cyprus Best Companies is another example, through CBC you can divert thousands of visitors in your web site. The reason? Consider your web site as your best sales person… Do we treat our web site and give this importance?

Your videos will get extra popular and get more views once you start buying YouTube views. A lot of videos that don't get many views are usually misplaced on YouTube and are of no use. Support them via other Social Media tools, and back links, articles, newsletters etc... The question is how to make your video popular, but also ensure that every person who views your video also provides feedback through the comment box. Criticisms and feedbacks are very important and once you study them you can shape yourself much better and work more effectively. So where does this lead? Advertisement changes the rules of the game… and they way we all knew it years ago…

Christos Pashiardis
CEO – Egroup Services Internet Consultant