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APSquared Architects was established in May of 2014 in Limassol, Cyprus by architects, Andreas Papatheodoulou and Antoniou Panagiotis. Our objective is to create architectural synthesis through an anthropocentric view. This objective is becoming more imminent through time because of the human need to be in touch with basic features that make a quality, zero stress environment. These features are represented as drawings through ergonomically, environmentally friendly and innovative design. In other words our main objective is to design a project that qualifies to the customers operational and personal priorities, as his interpretation of quality living. Through our face-to-face interaction with our customer, we try to reach to an understanding of those priorities and guide him with our expertise, ideas and top-end material knowledge to a project that completely satisfies his aesthetic and operational needs. We have established long-lasting business relationships with a wide range of clients because of our concentration on detail and prompt response to our clients’ requests. APSquared is headed by capable professionals able to bring to a full-end any project in front of them.


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