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Cyprus Architects, is one of the leading B2B portals in Cyprus if you want to find an architect in Cyprus. Moreover, the domain name belongs to our group.
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A. Ajami Architects

Contact: Ajami Abass Address: Ellados Avenue 58 , Pafos 8020
Phone: 26220016 Fax: 26954358
Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and structures. A wider definition often includes the design of the total built environment: from the macrolevel of town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture » More Info

Abdellatif Christou Architects

Contact: Nicholas Paraskevaides Address: Evridikis Street 14 , Nicosia 2048
Phone: 22678999 Fax: 22660899
The pursuit of excellence can only be achieved through extensive work and constant evaluation at all stages, from concept to completion, which we are committed to. » More Info

Ai Architects

Contact: Aristotelis Irzenski Address: Evelthondos, Office K1, Strovolos 20, Nicosia 2003
Phone: +357 22 252255 Fax: +357 22 250044
Ai Architects is a Boutique Architectural Practice that was founded by Aristotelis Irzenski in 2007. » More Info


Contact: alkis Address: POLIS
Phone: 26323937 Fax: 26323938

Antoniades+Eleftheriou UDS

Contact: Andreas Eleftheriou Address: Corner of Lefkosias Street & Makarios Avenue -, Limassol 3021
Phone: 25383638 Fax: 25387495
Antoniades+Eleftheriou UDS is a unique architecture firm, which specializes in helping real estate developers, corporations as well as individuals to increase the value of their real estate assets. » More Info

APSquared Architects

Contact: PANAYIOTIS ANTONIOU Address: Limassol
Phone: 99419414
Architectural office in Limassol. New modern and unique ideas. We make architecture... We are architecture... » More Info

EKKY Studio

Contact: Address: 93 Makariou Avenue, Apartment 42, Nicosia Cyprus, Nicosia 1071
Phone: 22 311924 Fax: 22 311942
EKKY studio is a young practice composed by two architects with national and international experience. With many competitions and awards on their background. » More Info


Contact: Nausica Address: Souliou 1, Strovolos 2018
Phone: 22422999 Fax: 22498339

Kukan Architects

Contact: Mr. Pavlos Sideris Address: 9 Pargas Street Nicosia Cyprus, Nicosia 1065
Phone: 00357 99 42 22 12 Fax: 00357 22 27 00 62
KUKAN ARCHITECTS is a team of young architects who seek to create opportunites across the scales of buildings, products and techniques; small to large. » More Info

Architects Nicolaides Viana Partnership

Contact: Address: Limassol
From concept sketch to planning permission for residential, commercial and public buildings, designs for land use and urban planning, as well as interior design, supervision, reconstruction plans. Net Zero energy building and Passive House design. » More Info

Armeftis & Associates - Architects & designers

Contact: Yiannis Armeftis Address: PROMACHON ELEFTHERIAS 1, Limassol 4103
Phone: +357 25 828280 Fax: +357 25 828281
Armeftis & Associates was established in October of 1995 in Limassol, Cyprus, offering independent counseling in the field of architecture. » More Info

ARMON Choros Architektonikis

Contact: Mr. Vasilis Pashiourtides Address: Makarios Avenue 61, Larnaca 6017
Phone: 24656690 Fax: 24656944
The following three fundamental considerations were addressed and in due course served to frame the proposal: The global dimension inherent in the encouragement and inculcation of the Olympic spirit. » More Info

Athos Dikaios + Associates

Contact: Alkis Dikaios Address: Princess Zena Ganther Building No. 106 1, Nicosia 1304
Phone: +357 22679700 Fax: +357 22677353
Athos Dikaios + Associates has been designing since 1973 and is comprised of young and experienced Architects, designers and draughtsmen with a rich portfolio of local projects and abroad that cover the past years since the founding date. » More Info

Christos Christou Architecture Studio

Contact: Giorgos Christou Address: Nikodimou Milona 28 28, Larnaca 6050
Phone: 99882907
Christos Christou Architecture Studio is a Cyprus based practice established in 1985 by Christos Christou and has its headquarters in Larnaca. WHY US • More than 30 years of experience in Cyprus market • » More Info

Code Architecture Studio

Contact: Address: 3, Aristoteli Valaoriti, Block B, Flat 401, Larnaca Cyprus, Larnaca -
Phone: +357 24534204 Fax: +357 24102825
In our company you can have all the new trends and technologies in the field of architecture through collaboration between civil, mechanical, electrical. » More Info

PIV Office Design

Contact: Stelios Vrachimis Address: Elia Venezi Street 2A, Nicosia 2042
Phone: 22460428 Fax: 22761310
PIV.OD architecture is an architectural office based in Nicosia the capital city of Cyprus. » More Info


Contact: - Address: Costa Ourani Street 8 , Nicosia 1076
Phone: 22447044
The office was established in 1977 by Mr Nicos Mesarites, architect, and since 1993 has been in operation under the name POLYTIA - Armos. » More Info


Contact: Haris Theodorou Address: Μακαρίου 1, Λιβάδια 1
Phone: 00357-99648836 Fax: 24-621216
Cycon Architects was founded in 2003. We work at all scales and in all sectors. We create tranformative cultural, residential and other spaces that work in synchronicity with their surroundings. » More Info

Demetris Ioannou Architecture Studio

Contact: Demetris Ioannou Address: 12, Kronou, Strovolos, Nicosia Cyprus, Nicosia 2048
Phone: +357 22777666 Fax: +357 22322364
Our architecture is an instrument of processing and linking functions, needs, and visions, always in respect to the clients budget. » More Info

Design Office Georgios Makridis

Contact: Address: 4 Apostolou Varnava street, Shop B, Limassol Cyprus, Limassol 3065
Phone: +357 25 662 269 Fax: +357 25 564 449
DO:GMA (Design Office: Georgios Makridis) is a design practice operating in the fields of architecture, interior design and structural engineering. » More Info

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