Thrassou Bros & Associates

1 October 28th, Nicosia 2414, Cyprus

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The Practice was founded by brothers Harris & Michael Thrassou in 1969 and it started off as an Architectural and Civil Engineering Consultancy Firm (Thrassou Bros & Associates). In the early years, the operations of Thrassou Bros centered primarily on these two functions and by the middle of the 1980s the Firm's quality of services and professional attitude, established it as one of the largest and most reputable Consultancies in Cyprus. The evolution of the Practice gave rise to a diversification of the services offered, to include Project Management, Interior Design, Feasibility Studies, Property Consulting and other functions, leading to the creation of a small group of sister companies. In 2004, the managing director, Mr. Harris Thrassou, parted from the Group, to become the Minister of Communications and Works for the Republic of Cyprus. The size, structure and nature of the Group allows for maximum flexibility in activities and operations. The ability to transfer knowledge and resources between companies and to engage or release external Associates according to the Group's needs, offers the local and international Client higher quality at a lower cost. With the dawn of the new century the Group evolved into a dynamic and growing organisation. With establish

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