Zenon A. Zenonos & Associates

6 Ayias Elenis, Nicosia 1105, Cyprus

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The interest of my office in an architectural approach focuses on the quest for harmony between the architectural design and the environment as well as the aesthetic quality of space, as each of us perceives it. Space excites and stimulates all the senses of humans, according to the unique ability for perception that each of us has developed. The quality of design depends on the tolerance, understanding, and contribution on behalf of the client. The architect will determine his program based on certain specifications by the client. Just like the tailor that will cut out and stitch a costume according to the measures of the client, keeping in mind -of course -the scheduled venue so as to achieve harmony, as mentioned above. The intentions of the client play a crucial role in the successful outcome of any architectural project -a thing that is apparent to those involved in the building industry. Architecture can fail if the client is not sensitive, intelligent, and responsible. Good clients do not necessarily guarantee architectural quality, considering that the corresponding competence on behalf of the architect must exist. There is no doubt that the client who diminishes the value of architectural planning, hailing from bureaucratic inflexibility or specula

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6 Ayias Elenis, Nicosia 1105, Cyprus


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